Youth Committee 2018-2020

Composition and Election

The FTUC Youth Committee consists of six office bearers who are elected at every two (2) years during the Biennial Conference.  This conference is usually held in the month of May of every second year where all Affiliates are invited to nominate their youth representatives to this meeting and where the youth progamme and work priorities are developed.  The Youth age category is between 18 to 35 years old.

The elected Committee for the term 2018-2020 will be updated here : 















One of the objectives of the youth committee is to encourage and offer a voice to young trade unionists, through training and other initiatives and to be active in their own unions.  This is achieved by:

  • Promoting the participation and integration of youth into trade unions.
  • Examining and introducing structures to organise youth workers and strengthen the Youth Committee.
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring a programme of action of youth workers; and
  • Monitoring the application of the principles contained, in the FTUC Constitution [insert link] and the implementation of the FTUC programme of action on the Integration of youth into trade union organisations and any other FTUC programmes and policies concerning youth;

Recent Achievements:

  • Observer status of 1 youth representative from the youth committee on the National Executive Board of the FTUC
  • Representative to the ITUC-AP Youth Committee as Titular Member
  • Formation of youth committees at affiliate level
  • Participation at international trainings
  • Active participation on the National Minimum Wage Campaign
  • Launched its first electronic newsletter in 2015

Future Activities

The Youth Committee activity plans are as follows:

  • Raising Awareness – to publicise the existence and work of the FTUC Youth Committee to affiliates and the general public
  • Organizing – to recruit non-Union members from the Garment, Public Service and Teachers Sector Unions
  • Communication – to recruit non-Union members from the Garment, Public Service and Teachers Sector Unions
  • Capacity Building – to instil in youths ownership of trade union values.