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This page contains  news related to union activities from around the world. Please click on the links below to find out more.–en/index.htm

Local EU statement on torture in Fiji

Australian unionists strongly support Fijian counterparts. Please click on the link above

TWU Rejoices at Pflieger’s Resignation – Press Release Below

FTUC recommends the purchase of Labourstart’s new publication..Campaigning Online and Winning for every trade union. The book contains campaigns, success stories, experiences that would be invaluable lessons to every trade unionist…please follow the above link to get more details….

Amnesty International has accused Fiji’s military of torture. The link above leads to an interview by Radio Australia with Andrew Beswick. Please click on link to retrieve interniew.


The ITUC and the Human Rights Watch has demanded in a joint letter to Fiji’s PM, Voreqe Bainimarama to cease the restriction of human and workers’ rights in Fiji as a first step towards the 2014 elections. Please click on the link above to read the letter.

TU Fiji Letter to Quartet Final 21 Nov 2012

The ACTU, NZCTU, TUC and AFL-CIO jointly wrote letters to their governments to take a stand on Fiji through their political and economic relations. The union movements were also concerned about the process of constitution development. The letter also included recommendations from the FTUC submission to the Constitution Review Committee which is available through the following link..

Protest during Fiji’s rugby campaign against the country’s military government. Please see link above.

Please participate against anti-unionism in the Netherlands as care workers take efforts to organise. Cilck on the link above to access the campaign.–en/index.htm

The rates changes to the world wages have been valued in a  bar graph by the ILO. Please click on the provided link to retrieve the rates and China’s effect on the values…

UN has voted for universal healthcare to be on the link to read more

Republicans attack unionism in Michigan, U.S.A AS they attempt to make it a “Right to Work” state, something that means “right to work for less” to unionists. Click on the link above to read more.

ACTU’s Ged Kearney in an interview with Radio Australia has reassured the Fiji community of the support of international trade union movements against their plight. This is after the four union groups ACTU, NZCTU, TUC and AFL-CIO asked their respective governments to support the FTUC’s submission to the Constitution Committee. Please click on the link to listen to the interview.

Please campaign against union busting moves by American Nissan management in Mississippi. Moves by the management against workers who seek union representation include intimidation, threats and harassment. Be part of the global protest by singing up your support through the link above.

Hundreds took to the streets in Doha to protest against human and workers’ rights abuses suffered by migrant workers in Qatar. This after the death of Chirari Mahato in a labour camp. Employers have refused to pay compansation to the worker’s family and a campaign is running to demand that Qatar authorities take necessary actions. Please participate in the campagin by following the story above.

The IUF has gone out in the media against the leadership of Fiji’s undemocratically elected Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama as the Chair of the International Sugar Organisation.

The TUC has released a stataement against the ISO decision to hand over Chair to Fiji PM Voreqe Bainimarama. Please click on the above link to learn why.

ILO-Freedom of Association (extract)

The link above retrieves the ILO recommendations on Fiji after the country was listed as one of the Top 5 countries in the world in violation of workers’ rights.