Womens Committee 2020-2022

The Fiji Trades Union Congress sets up its Women’s Committee in accordance with Rule 14 of its Constitution.

Composition and Election

The Women’s Committee is elected bi-annually at the meeting of the FTUC Women’s Delegates Conference

The Women’s Committee for the term 2018-2020 is as follows:
FTUC Womens Committee Members 2018-2020


The purpose of the Women’s Committee is to assist the FTUC in achieving its aims and objectives with particular reference to women’s issues as outlined below:

    To promote the
    participation and integration of women into trade unions
  • To examine and introduce structures to organise women workers and strengthen and women’s committee.
  • To identify and promote the needs of unorganised women workers and organise them into trade union structure.
  • To plan, implement and monitor a programme of action of women workers.
  • To review and promote revision of existing legislation in relating to women and initiate enactment of new legislation as considered in the best interest of women.

Recent Achievements

  • Observer status of 1 women representative from the women’s committee on the National Executive Board of the FTUC
  • Representative to the ITUC-AP Women’s Committee as Titular Member
  • Elected Member to Vice Chair of ITUC Women’s Committee
  • Formation of Women’s Committees at affiliate level
  • Participation at international trainings
  • Active participation on the National Minimum Wage Campaign
  • Participation in ITUC “Count Us In Campaign”

Future Activities

The Women’s Committee activity plans are as follows:

  • to increase women representation in the trade union movement
  • increase women membership by 30% by the next Biennial Delegate Conference
  • raise awareness to inform and educate on the roles and functions of the FTUC Women’s Committee to  affiliates and the general public
  • to develop capacity within the women’s committee to uphold future leadership positions in their respective unions within the FTUC Umbrella
  • organizing to recruit women unorganised members from the vulnerable or disadvantaged sectors