Campaigns 2018

Join us as we stand in solidarity with the workers whose rights to freely join unions are being abused in Izmir, Turkey. This group of workers signed up to join the unions for fair wages and better working conditions while the companies they work for SF Leather and Mulberry, which makes €1,000 a leather bag continue to abuse workers’ rights. Intimidating workers to stop them from joining unions, and pleading with the local judge to impound some of the union banners are just some of the acts these companies have done. Let us stand with them in solidarity to ensure this stops. Click on the link above and help stop this violation.

Stand with us in solidarity with the Mauritanian women who have been trafficked to work in Saudi Arabia with no way out. Reports of abuse, sexual harassment, and a few dollars a day is a consistency with these workers who were promised professional work but instead were served with domestic work and contemporary slavery. Please take 5 minutes of your time to take a stand with us in solidarity by clicking on the link above and signing the online petition.

Let us stand together, united to keep workers rights a reality in Kyrgyzstan and please help us re-instate Trade Union leader Zhanaydar Ahmetov by signing an online petition to support this cause. Together we can.

Lets us all show our support for our Finland friends as they to fight for their rights as workers against the Government’s massive attack on trade unions through the introduction of new legislation that  will ensure the degradation of workers’ rights.

Please support the campaign to free detained labour rights fighter, Wu Guijun who stood up to fight for workers’ rights in his factory.

Please support the campaign for Canadian Brewery Workers.


Let us all demand the Colombian government take the necessary actions on threats made against unionists and other leaders of organisations in the nation. Read the letter circulated amongst brothers and sisters in the global union movement.

Please help us free detained Turkish trade unionists by participating in the campaign through the above link.