Transport Workers Union (TWU) General Secretary Raises Concern On Discriminative Decisions Made Within the Transport Sector


TWU General Secretary, Brother Kamlesh Kumar expresses his concern on the discriminative decisions that has been made recently within the transport sector.

TWU GS states it is disturbing to see that low paid transport workers have been sent home on leave without pay whereas workers in the higher pay brackets continue to work on a reduced pay.

Brother Kamlesh Kumar questions the management and the government, how will these out of work and low paid workers feed their family with no income?

TWU calls upon the government to work out on a stimulus package for these vulnerable workers and urges the employers to make sensitive decisions towards the plight of the workers as sending workers home on leave without pay is not the answer.

Please click on this link to read the full media release of  Transport Workers Union (TWU) and statements made by TWU GS, Brother Kamlesh Kumar:TWU – media release.

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