‘Leave Without Pay is not the answer” – Anthony

Leave Without Pay Is Not The Answer

 The FTUC is concerned on the announcement by Fiji Airways to send staff on leave without pay. This is contrary to the Prime Minister’s call to employers not to send workers on leave without pay or make workers redundant. The move by Fiji Airways sends a very wrong signal to all employers to have a licence to send workers home without pay. This is particularly worrisome when the AG makes this announcement.

This  Government must provide stimulus packages that would ensure the workers who are affected such as Fiji Airways are taken care of. Fiji Airways has not shown that it has carried out its responsibility seriously to protect people of Fiji and in particular, their staff. It now even goes further in seeking dispensation from the quarantine that the Government has imposed in Lautoka.

Fiji Airways is the first to punish workers who have worked strenuously to ensure the airline profits. The airline has posted impressive profits over the last few years and yet seems to be on its knees in just one week of this crisis affecting Fiji. Surely if the airline and the country was doing so well as we were made to believe, the airline should have been in a position to take care of its staff.

 This is so unfortunate and depressing for workers who faithfully made the airline successful. Fiji Airways needs to be a more responsible employer and Government needs to ensure that all the claims about the airline doing so well was not all bluff.

The FTUC calls upon the Government to take responsibility for the state of affairs in Fiji Airways and ensure that workers can have a decent living, particularly during this global crisis.


Felix Anthony

National Secretary

4 Replies to “‘Leave Without Pay is not the answer” – Anthony”

  1. Marriott is sending staff on 24hours pay only n permanent staff full 45hours but they don’t think everyone works hard so it should b equal hours cos at this time every one needs job n money for there family even no letter from Hr to atleast which can help in loan repayment from banks all they know is to slack…..we all u understand it’s hard time for employers as well but at least they should treat staffs equally….

  2. This is so true we will be having paycuts effective 3oth march courts is such a big company and yet weeky staffs who earn less than 15 thousand 20 % pay cut executives 25% only unfare decision n very big percent deduction for low income earners if so much concern they could have parked their company transparent which takes up fuel more than A weekly staffs pay per week not considered at all.

  3. Thank you for bringing this up.
    I am a permanent employee of Wyndham Resort and has been with the Company for 8years and 7month. I am a member of the Union.
    We have been advised to stay home as of 24th March, will be on Leave without Pay. I have rent to pay, 2 kids (3year old and 8month old). Company did not give anything and I am worried as how will I pay rent and feed my 2 kids.

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