FTUC Youth and Women propose policy changes to their Terms of Reference


A total of  29  representatives from the FTUC Youth and Women’s Committee participated in a one day joint programme to review their Terms of Reference at Novotel Hotel Nadi on the 3rd of August 2019.

This was the first ever collaboration between the International Trade Union Confederation Asia Pacific  and the FTUC Youth and Women’s Committees. The  representatives from the ITUC AP Office , Sis Anna Lee Tuvera, Director, Gender Equality Department and Sis Keiko ,  Senior Youth Officer were the invited guests and  who made this collaboration possible

The  joint activity was opened by the National Secretary FTUC Mr Felix Anthony who emphasized on the critical need for active involvement of the youth and women in union activities. He also highlighted the fact that youth and women needed to come forward to take up leadership opportunities and empower themselves. The Board member responsible for Youth Activities Bro Semisi Turagabaleti and Sis Teresa Ali who is in charge of Communications.

The programme was facilitated  by a team of all female activists: Sis  Jotika Sharma , Executive Officer FTUC and head of workers programmes, Sis Latee Gaga, Assistant National Secretary of the FTUC and the Board member responsible for Workers Activities, Sis Keiko, Senior Youth Officer and Sis Anna Lee Tuvera, Director, Gender Equality of the ITUC AP.

FTUC Women’s Committee representatives with Sis Anna Lee Tuvera (seated centre). 

FTUC Youth Committee reps with Sis Keiko  (ITUC AP) and Bro Semisi Turagabaleti ( FTUC)

The Committee Chairs presented their proposal on the Terms of Reference for comments by the experts from the ITUC AP office and FTUC.  Sis Anna made a presentation on the Platform of Gender Equality  and on the Terms of Reference of the ITUC AP Women’s Committee TOR.  She also shared examples of actions led by other Womens Committee in the region.


Statistics on the youth population and its composition in the workforce was highlighted by the ITUC AP Senior Youth Officer Sis Keiko. She also informed the participants on the ITUC AP Youth Charter from which the FTUC Youth Committee could adopt thematic areas for their workplan.


The joint programme concluded with several recommendations put forward and discussed as part of a holistic review of the Terms of References.  The Committee will incorporate the proposals and make a presentation to the National Council on August 31st.

The participants were awarded certificates for their participation in this joint program made possible by the ITUC AP.