Special Conference endorses amendments to FTUC Constitution

The FTUC Constitution Review Committee chair Mr Agni Deo Singh presents his report.

The delegates of the FTUC Special Conference  endorsed some major changes to the FTUC Constitution to formalize the  unification of the FICTU with FTUC.

The major amendment to realize the  unification  was the addition of one Vice President and one Assistant National Secretary, which was unanimously adopted by the Conference.

The Youth and the Women’s  Committee also had submitted proposals to the Constitution Review Committee for consideration which was endorsed as follows:

  1. The FTUC Youth and Women’s Chairpersons  are co-opted as observers with  speaking rights on the National Executive Board.
  2. That at least two of the Vice Presidents are women.
  3. That the number of Youth and Women’s Reps to the National Council Meeting has now increased to four(4)  from two (2).
  4. The Youth Conference will now be held at least one month prior to the Biennial Conference and the Women’s Conference to be held in the month of March.
  5. Divisional branches of the Youth and Women’s  Committee to be  formed  in order to involve greater number of youth and  to be effective in implementing the National Youth Plan of the FTUC.

Also several committees of the FTUC have been formalized.

These include:

  1. Workers Activities Committee (WAC)
  2. Organizing Committee (OC)
  3. Policy Committee (PC)
  4. Communications &  Publicity  Committee(C &P)

The other Committees are the youth and women’s committee.

for a full list of amendments , please see attached: FTUC – Constitution Presentation – SDC FINAL