Union delegates at Water Authority of Fiji learn on how to strengthen their role at the workplace

Union delegates from National Union Workers( NUW) working at the Water Authority of Fiji(WAF) greater Suva area offices  gathered for a two hour learning session at  the FTUC HQ yesterday afternoon after work.

16 union representatives gathered to educate themselves on their role at the workplace and the  collective agreement signed by the Union with WAF.

The session was organised by NUW at the request of the members and it focused on issues such as :

  • knowledge about the structure of unions and the global trade union movement,
  • ILO Conventions and how it is linked to our labour laws and terms and conditions at the workplace.
  • Role and responsibilities of a Union Delegate and a Union Member
  • What makes an effective union delegate
  • How to conduct union meetings and negotiations
  • Dispute and  procedures applicable to them as workers.
  • Collective Agreement and ERA

The union reps  raised questions which were clarified by NUW Organiser, Anasa Tuviniwai.