” Back to work with full pay and no conditions” -Special sitting of Arbitration rules today

Breaking News:

THE Employment Relations Tribunal has ordered the return of all Air Terminal Services workers who were locked out by Management from  December 16, 2017.

The Resident Magistrate  Hon Mr Andrew See also ordered that all pay and entitlements from December 16, 2017 be restored.

The ruling states that  ATS must give effect to the order by issuing to all such employees new work rosters, security access ID cards and any other pre start‑work requirements within 48 hours hereof.

The order also says ATS must thereafter and on a case by case basis ensure that the pay and entitlement of each employee are reviewed and where necessary re instituted in accordance with the law.

It also says that the respondent Association and its members comply with the terms of the master agreement in order to secure and preserve amity and good relations between the company, association, and the employees and to resolve any difference of opinion or dispute between the parties.

Federated Airlines Staff Association General Secretary Vilikesa Naulumatua says they look forward to the court’s ruling being implenteted and everyone returning to work.

Fiji Trades Union Congress National Secretary Felix Anthony says the workers were prepared to return to work from the 16th of last month.


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Source: Fiji Village news