Unions await Saturday !

The Fiji Trades Union Congress ( FTUC)  has finally been given a permit from the authorities to march from the Suva flea market to Sukuna Park on Saturday 21st October commencing at 10.30am and a rally at Sukuna Park until 1pm. The purpose of the march is to protest against:


  1. Government’s decision to impose fixed term individual contracts for civil servants, teachers, and nurses and for workers in other government owned entities.
  2. Government’s decision to impose a $2.68 minimum wage for workers. Our demand remains $4.00 an hour.
  3. Government’s decision to reduce public holiday pay for all workers covered by the wages council orders.
  4. Government’s decision to renege on the agreement signed between FTUC, FCEF, government and ILO to review the labour laws to ensure full respect for workers’ rights.
  5. The workers’ right to freely conduct secret ballot and the right to strike.


All workers and their families are invited to join this march. Wells-wishers, NGOs and   any other institution supporting our cause is welcome to join. This is the time for workers to stand up for their rights and be heard by this government. We stand for dignity at work and decent work for all.


Join us on the 21st of October if you care for your dignity and future generations.


Felix Anthony

National Secretary


Phone: (679) 3315377/ Fax: (679) 3300306 / Email: nationalsecretary@ftuc.org.fj

Mobile: 8702 9526

Facebook:  Fiji Trades Union Congress