Teachers: Reinstate allowance

The Fiji Teachers Union has called for the reinstatement of allowances for teacher transfers.

FTU National President Muniappa Goundar said the Education Ministry stopped paying teachers posted to another school.

“It is the latest trend that the Ministry of Education has stopped paying promoted teachers their transfer allowance stating that the movement is the choice of the officer,” he said.

“This is totally unjustifiable as promotion is the achievement of an officer, and it becomes the responsibility of the ministry to pay for such disturbance resulting in the movement of an officer to continue with that quality delivery, but at a new station of work.

“It sounds very cheap of the ministry to deprive officers of their basic rights by cutting corners at every opportunity.”

Mr Goundar said congestion in urban schools was also a growing problem that teachers had to contend with.

Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy said he would not comment on the union’s views.

“While the union is appreciative of the fact that extra teachers have been deployed in some rural and remote schools, the same cannot be said for the urban schools.

“I sympathise with urban colleagues who have to teach large classes.

“This is made more difficult when some teachers are away from school and the already large classes are combined.

“Here the safety of students is compromised and learning is greatly affected.”

The statements made by Mr Goundar were emailed to Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy, who said he would not comment on the union’s views.

Source:  The Fiji Times

By:  Repeka Nasiko