$4 National Minimum Wage Campaign

11 May 2016

The Honorable Prime Minister
Mr. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama
Executive Office 4th floor
Government Buildings

Petition to increase minimum wage to $4.00

We the undersigned support the call from Fiji Trades Union Congress to review the National Minimum Wage currently paid to workers from $2.32 an hour to $4.00 an hour.  This is necessary because it has become impossible to survive, on the current National Minimum Wage due to the increase in cost of living and the absence of any real wage adjustments including the Wages Regulation Order (WRO) over the past many years.  We recall your promise to the people of Fiji to make Fiji a more Just society where no Fijian is left behind.  The current wage level has forced a large number of Fijians into poverty and extreme poverty.  We therefore urge your Government to be mindful of the plight of workers and their families and increase the minimum wage to $4.00 an hour as the National Minimum Wage.