FTUC National Minimum Wage Campaign gains momentum

The FTUC National Minimum Wage Campaign  for $4 FJD from the current $2-32 FJD  is gaining momentum as   our advertisements promoting awareness has now been aired on various media in Fiji. This initiative has been made  possible through support  from ILO ACTRAV  which allowed much needed  awareness materials to be produced and distributed as a result of  training held on May 4th & 5th in Fiji, cordinated by Ms Jotika Sharma, ILO Specialist on Workers Activities and consultant Bro  Raghwan.

National Secretary FTUC speaks at the campaign launch workshop in Nadi

” We need to reach out to the workers in the field,  and  media – especially television, and  radio are the most effective  forms. The current minimum wage is grossly inadequate.” says the National Secretary Mr Felix Anthony. In our ongoing field visits,  workers have brought  to our attention their continued sufferings and inability to put food on the table, coupled by  basic violations of their working rights.

” We are conducting national level consultations with workers on the minimum wage and  we have planned visits to all major towns and centers in Fiji. So far we are pleased with the level of interaction with the workers on this crucial campaign, they are becoming more aware of their right to freedom of association  and  to a fair and just wage.”

Here is the audio version of the promotion of the  minimum wage.

Click on  the  visual material  below for the promotion of the national minimum wage campaign.

The FTUC continues to receive  signatures on a daily basis in support of this national campaign. Forms are available at all union offices and  can be obtained from the FTUC office by emailing ftuc1@connect.com.fj or calling on 3315377.