Protect Country- Opposition tells PM ( FT 10.11.15)

Protect country, State told

Source: Fiji Times news article:  Nov 10th 2015.
By Keresi Nauwakarawa
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OPPOSITION spokesman for State Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Ratu Sela Nanovo says the State should protect Fiji from the negative impact that complements an International Labour Organization Commission of Inquiry.

In a statement Ratu Sela responded to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s statement that unions and workers representatives were holding the country to ransom over the standoff with the ILO.

Ratu Sela said Mr Bainimarama owed an apology to the Fiji Trades Union Congress.

“The Prime Minister and his Government should stop playing their foolish games, face the facts and start telling the truth.

“On the ILO agreement, the people should understand that the only reason an ILO Commission of Inquiry will be convened is if the Fiji First Government continues to drag its feet and fails to comply with its own undertaking that it signed in the Tripartite Agreement of March 2015.

“So the Government should just get on with it and protect the country from the negative impact of a commission of inquiry.”

Ratu Sela said the draft decision by the ILO and Government, employers and union representatives was brief and very clear.

The statement reads:

“Regretting the continuing failure to submit a joint implementation report to the Governing Body in accordance with the Tripartite Agreement signed by the Government of the Republic of Fiji, the Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) and the Fiji Commerce and Employers’ Federation (FCEF) on 25 March 2015, and as requested by the Governing Body at its 324th Session (June 2015), the Governing Body decides:

* To call on the Government of Fiji to accept a tripartite mission to review the ongoing obstacles to the submission of a joint implementation report and consider all matters pending in the article 26 complaint;

* That, if the tripartite mission did not take place in time for a report to the 326th Session of the Governing Body (March 2016), then the 326th Session should take a decision on the appointment of a commission of inquiry under article 26; and

* To place this question on the agenda of its 326th Session.”