New ILO Manual on Employment policies for Trade Unions

Employment Policy

New ILO Manual on Employment policies for Trade Unions

New ILO Publication presents a series of employment policies for Trade Unions. It summarizes years of experience in the field of employment at national level.

News | 20 April 2015
Unions’ involvement on macroeconomic policies and the reduction of informal employment should be given to implement national employment policies, says a new ILO Publication.“A Workers’ Guide to National Employment Policies” was released by the ILO Bureau for Workers ‘Activities (ACTRAV) and the ILO Employment policy Department at the seminar for trade unionists on Employment policies in Astana (Kazakhstan), being held form 8-12 April 2015.The manual is the result of lessons learned by Trade Unions on the National Employment Policies (NEP).According to Sergeyus Glovackas, Senior Specialist in Workers’ Activities, “this is the first event of such a scope in the region of the New Independent States (NIS) and the first time, when such a Guide has been published in the Russian language. This Guide is very timely, as the economic crisis has started in the Russian Federation; and the Guide should serve as a useful tool in elaboration of the anti-crisis strategy in the Region”.The event was jointly organized by the Bureau of the Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), the ILO Employment Policies Department and the Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe with the support and active participation of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

The seminar was attended by 26 representatives of trade unions from 11 countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.Participants suggested that the involvement of trade unions in the formation of a NEP should be reflected in the Decent Work Country Programmes and National agreements.

Four regions of will be hosts to such training events in order to adapt and test this Manual.