NUFCW for the Plight of Factory & Commercial Workers

The National Union for Factory & Commercial Workers was established in 1965 through the effort of D. Barrett of the British Trade Union Congress. The unionist mobilised workers in the factory sector during a visit to Fiji in 1963.

NUFCW Headquarters at Unity House, Suva

Today more than 3000 workers are organised under the NUFCW banner with the guidance of the current General Secretary, John Mudaliar.

NUFCW organises workshops for its union members on a regular basis as the union believes that up-skilling of its members is key to positive development of the union and provides information for members to use during crises.

Participants at a recent workshop at NUFCW Hall

NUFCW General Secretary John Mudaliar

NUFCW is one of the premier union organisations affiliated to the Fiji Trades Union Congress