Incorrect Reports Over FTUC Executives’ Salaries

FTUC PR by National President, Daniel Urai

Incorrect Reporting Over Executives Pay by Fiji Sun

The FTUC is appalled at the lack of professionalism and ethics practiced by the Fiji Sun with reference to the front page article of the Fiji Sun dated Tuesday 12th August, 2014.

Firstly we do not expect a senior journalist to print news without crosschecking facts with organizations or individuals concerned. No effort was made by the Fiji Sun to present a balanced reporting on this front page news item referring to salary for FTUC Executives. However this is not the first time this has happened. Senior journalist Nemani Delaibatiki’s lack of knowledge of how trade unions and its national centers operate in the country seems to be very limited.

We would like to clarify and reiterate that the democratically elected FTUC Executives including recent National Secretary, Mr Felix Anthony, has never been paid any salaries to date for their service to the members of the FTUC and the workers of this country. This has been a long term practice dating back to a few decades and these positions are totally honorary. The current Executives continue to work tirelessly, free-of charge fighting to secure workers’ rights, human rights and trade union rights in Fiji.

Secondly   we see this as repeated futile attempts to defame character of an individual by the Fiji Sun on petty issues and openly promoting government agenda by downgrading democratically elected trade unionists in this country.  The Fiji Sun again today (13/08) did not hesitate to do what it does best, by misreporting facts about per diems and incomes from other sources for the unionists with no other intent but to spread malice and untruths, creating misconception amongst the public. It is shocking to note how, day by day, the newspaper continues to stoop so low to showcase government agenda.

We call on the media especially the Fiji Sun to take a step out of its office and undertake due research and rightfully verify their reports, simply to adhere to media ethics and professional journalism. Our people can clearly judge for themselves the intent of such news reports.

We demand a published front page apology on this issue of misreporting or we will be left with no option but to file legal action against the journalist and the newspaper concerned.

(68-08-14) FTUC PR – Misinformation Over Executives’ Pay