Organising, Human Rights and Democracy for Youths Workshop – North

Youths from the Northern division were treated to a one-day workshop on the above theme on Friday, April 25, 2014 at Labasa’s Hotel Takia.

The workshop was part of FTUC’s efforts to empower young workers on the aspects of organising and share principles of democracy and good governance.

The young activists were also taught techniques of organising the unorganised.

Speakers included FTUC National President, Bro. Daniel Urai, National Secretary Bro. Felix Anthony and Centre Administrator, Jotika Sharma.

Youths were also encouraged to advocate for human rights.

Decree A Joke: Urai (RNZI)

FTUC National President- Bro. Daniel Urai

“Fiji trade unions will flout electoral decree

The Fiji Trade Union Congress says it is going to intentionally flout a new decree by the regime placing restrictions on political parties.

The Decree says the nomination of an independent candidate is not valid unless it is accompanied by 1,000 registered voter signatures, containing their addresses, occupations and voter numbers.

Penalties for breach include a fine of 27,000 US dollars or five years in jail.

The co-ordinator of the UFDF, Mick Beddoes, has filed a police complaint against Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama for breaching the decree himself.

The president of the Trade Unions Congress, Daniel Urai, says if Rear Admiral Bainimarama can flout his own decree, the unions can too.

“The trade unions will flout this decree. We treat it as a joke. We have to fight the injustice. You cannot fight injustice by abiding with laws or decrees, whatever they put out. We’ll have to fight them.”

Daniel Urai.”