Need for More Vernacular Teachers: FTU

By FBC News

“The Fiji Teachers Union says more vernacular teachers are required to fully implement a new requirement to teach basic Hindi and i-taukei languages in primary schools.

FTU Chairman Agni Deo Singh says teacher training today includes learning of vernacular but if one has to go to schools, there’s still a shortage of Fiji Hindi and Itaukei language teachers.

“A lot of schools are mixed schools where in the same class you’ve g ot multiracial. you have Itaukei children, Indian, and they need to be taught a common language so most of the teaching and learning even at the lower classes is done in English and only when there’s a language class comes then they learn language but teachers are overburdened. They have to exchange classes and manage the teaching of Hindi and Itaukei.”

Singh says teaching and learning vernacular has always been on their agenda ever since conversational Hindi and Fijian languages were introduced.

However, he says this was only lip service as there were no resources and teachers provided.

The Union adds it is happy there is now more emphasis placed on this.