Khaiyum’s Contempt for Trade Unions

The statement following the link below is in response to recent media reports of the A-G’s blatant anti-union statements that was published on fbc news.
Personal attacks made against trade union leaders in the country by the A-G are shallow and lack substance. Pro – Regime media organisations have been quick to publish such unfounded remarks without our consultation and FTUC is disappointed by the lack of professionalism shown.
FTUC would like to reassure the Regime that it will not back down from their fight for the rights of workers in this country, especially at a time when violation of workers’ rights is at an all-time high.
(New Year’s Eve hotel workers demonstrate grievance with FTUC NP Dan Urai)
More details are contained in the Release following the link: (59-02.14) FTUC Press Release on Khaiyum’s Contempt for Unions