ITUC Condemns Australia’s Moves : Radio Australia

(Picture: ITUC General Secretary, Sharan Burrow at the FTUC SDC 2013)

” Well there’s no question that if a government is not democratic, if we have a cycle of coups that we’ve seen in Fiji and other governments don’t determine that they don’t want to deal with that sort of abuse of rights, then who stands up for the people, who stands up for democracy? When the dollar comes before people and their fundamental right to liberty then we’ve got an issue about what it is that these governments stand for, and it certainly doesn’t share our value set, people come first, their rights, their freedoms, their right to actually have freedom of speech, the right to join a union, freedom of association for NGOs, and of course freedom of the press, fundamental to a democracy. This is not a democracy. If it turns out that the elections are free and fair I think everybody would celebrate. But I have to say I’m shocked to see my own government normalise relations with absolutely no conditions that show some degree of respect and support for the rights of people in Fiji.”

– ITUC’s Sharon Burrow Interview on Australia’s stand towards Fiji Regime.