Salary Hike for Regime’s Permanent Secretaries While Ordinary Workers Suffer

Workers sweat it out for very little pay while PS’s get ANOTHER pay increase)

The FTUC is disgusted with the 192.5% pay increase awarded to the country’s Permanent Secretaries while workers are left in the gutter.
The two attached documents include a statement from the FTUC National Secretary, Felix Anthony and a document containing current and new salary figures for the Permanent Secretaries.
These so-called “executive” civil servants find the need to give themselves hefty pay packets amidst the cries of the workers who at the worst of the worst take a mere 38 cents  home to their starving families.
These are indeed sad days for the workers of Fiji as “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” and the FTUC is shocked at how the Regime sees fit to give so much to  its executives when so many of our people are in need.