Rerun the Vote FIFA!!! Message from Sharan Burrows

The message below was received from the ITUC General-Secretary, Sharan Burrows as she urges all brothers and sisters of the union movement to demand FIFA withdraw its approval to hold the 2022 Soccer World Cup in Qatar. Please read through to have the full details. The message is addressed to FTUC National-Secretary, Felix Anthony..

“Dear Felix,
Slavery. Corruption. Qatar’s got it all.
Abused, provided only poverty pay or denied wages altogether and facing deadly work conditions daily, workers aren’t treated as human beings, but rather as an expendable resource, exploited by the world’s richest country.[1]
The 2022 World Cup has been plagued with controversy since FIFA awarded it to Qatar in 2010, yet the Emir and his government haven’t done anything to improve working conditions.
That’s why I’m writing today and asking you to join me in calling on FIFA to rerun the vote. If, after more than 2 years, Qatar won’t change, then it’s time for FIFA to make sure that wherever the World Cup is held, workers are treated humanely and their rights are honored–and it’s up to us to make it happen.
Tell FIFA to choose a 2022 World Cup venue where workers’ rights are respected. It’s time
Whether you’re a fan of football, labour rights or both, the Qatar Government is undermining both fair play and fair working conditions:
  • The average construction worker in Qatar toils 15 hours, 6 days a week for $8 a day.
  • Migrant workers in Qatar can’t change jobs without their employer’s permission. Leaving an employer– even to escape abuse– results in jail or deportation.
  • Fatal construction work injuries in Qatar are eight times higher than other rich countries and more people will die building World Cup infrastructure, than players will take to the field.
These are harrowing statistics and only a few examples of the many ways in which migrant workers are treated as modern-day slaves in Qatar. FIFA must act: there’s no time to wait while time runs out for more migrant workers facing danger and death at work today.
Don’t let Qatar shame “the beautiful game.” Stand up for World Cup workers and tell FIFA it’s time
More than two years on, change has not come to Qatar–jeopardising football’s integrity and shaming the world’s most popular game. The only way to save lives, restore the game’s integrity and the trust of fans is for FIFA to choose a World Cup venue where workers’ rights are respected.It’s time for FIFA to rerun the vote.
In solidarity,
General Secretary
International Trade Union Confederation
P.S. We can’t let Qatar use its wealth to cover up human and labour rights abuses. It’s simple: No World Cup, Without Workers’ Rights. Tell FIFA “

World OHS Day – The Prevention of Occupational Diseases

Fiji Celebrates World OHS Day from Monday 22/04 to Friday 26/04 at various places in the country.

West –
22/04 to 23/04 at Hexagon Hotel, Nadi. CG – ILO Director David Lamotte

North –
25/04 at the Northpole Hotel ,Labasa. CG – Acting P.S for Ministry of Local Government Saverio Baleikanacea

Central –
25/04 at the Holiday Inn, Suva. CG – Minister for Labour, Jone Usamate

Main celebrations will be held on Friday, 26/o4 at the respective venues.

The theme for this year’s OHS Day is ” The Prevention of Occupational Diseases”.

To find out more about the theme please follow the link below:–en/index.htm

Message from ILO Director- General, Guy Ryder is through the link:

Message from FTUC Assistant General Secretary, Rajeshwar Singh during celebrations in Suva:

Military Officers Violate Decrees

he FTUC’s National Secretary, Felix Anthony has sent out a statement regarding the violation of Decrees 4 and 11 by Fiji Military Forces’ Colonel Mohammed Aziz who has blatantly spoken of his support to Commodore Bainimarama and his Regime.
The recent statements by Colonel Aziz shows the double standards practiced by this military – led Regime and Mr Anthony demands the Director of Public Prosecutions take the necessary actions.

Please click on the link below:

(50-08.13) FTUC Press Release- Military Officers Violate Decrees 10.04.13