The Fiji Trades Union Congress is the largest federation of trade unions in Fiji.  It is the umbrella body for 35 affiliated unions.


Trade unions still face difficulties in establishing unions-Anthony

In addressing the 250 plus delegates,  advisors and observers at this year’s Conference,  Mr Anthony who is the General Secretary of the FTUC  stated that human rights including trade union rights have come under increasing pressure resulting in continuing harassment and threats faced by union leaders.  He further added that the ITUC Global Report on …

Recommendations on Fiji FOA in the recent years

  Effect given to the recommendations of the Committee and the Governing Body 18. The Committee last examined this case, in which the complainants alleged acts of assault, harassment, intimidation and arrest and detention of trade union leaders and members, ongoing interference with internal trade union affairs, undue restrictions on trade union meetings and other legitimate …

Role of the Committee on Freedom of Association

The Committee on Freedom of Association Freedom of association and collective bargaining are among the founding principles of the ILO. Soon after the adoption of Conventions Nos 87  and 98  on freedom of association and collective bargaining, the ILO came to the conclusion that the principle of freedom of association needed a further supervisory procedure to ensure compliance with …

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